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Are you licensed and insured?

The state of Washington requires landscape maintenance & installation companies to register for a contractor license.  We are licensed, bonded and insured.  Our contractor license is NEWGEGL863O5 and our UBI is 602-850-465.

What services do you provide?

Landscape maintenance including lawn mowing, edging, fertization, flower bed maintenance & weed control, hand pruning and hedge shearing, irrigation installation & repair, landscape lighting installation & repair and pressure washing.

How much do you charge?

Every site is unique so a visit to evaluate the site is usually required.

What kind of maintenance plans do you offer?

We offer one time cleanups, weekly lawn mowing, full service landscape maintenance, yard renovation, perrenial garden care and specialized pruning.

What are some of the most important things I can do to maintain my lawn and landscaping?

Proper consistent watering is probably one of the most important steps along with weed & pest control.

What do you do with the yard waste?

We take away all yard waste created during our visits and take it to be recycled into garden compost.

Do you offer organic maintenance programs?

We tailor our service to the clients needs.  If requested we will refrain from using harsh chemicals in your yard and apply organic methods.

How do we pay you?

We invoice our regular maintenance services monthly while projects may require a deposite upfront and balance due upon completion.  We take electronic checks, direct deposit and accept credit cards.

Why should I mulch my beds?

Mulching planted beds help retain moisture, prevent weeds and feed the soil with microbes which keep your plantings healthy.  It also gives the yard a finished look.

Why should we pick you versus another company?

We have been around since 2008 so we will be there in the future to serve your.  Our employees are uniformed with name tags, trucks have company signage.  The same crew will visit your yard each week so they will get to know your yard and its special requirements.

Why do I need an irrigation system in rainy Seattle?

Proper irrigation keeps your lawn and plantings health and protect the investment you made in your yard.  Western Washington can be drier than Phoenix, Az in the summer.  We can go several months in the summer with no precipitation and your plantings would not survive the dry spell.

Why should I invest in landscape lighting?

You have taken the time to create your private oasis and have invested allot in the process.  Northwest winters have long dark nights and grey days.  Investing in a well designed landscape lighting system can bring the  yard to life during our long winter nights. 

Why can't you just give me a quote over the phone without visitng my yard?

Every yard is unique and a site visit is usually required.  Access issues, planting material, parking, irrigation and slopes all need to be taken into consideration when coming up with a proposal.

New Generation Landscaping & Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

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