Landscaping and Maintenance Services

Seasonal Cleanup

New Generation Landscaping and Maintenance also provides seasonal cleanup services. We know that the leaves and debris in fall and the mud and fallen tree seeds in the spring can quickly clutter your yard. Enjoy the outdoors far more often by allowing our landscapers to handle the cleanup for you. We will provide raking, bagging, and hauling away the leaves in the fall, and clean up all debris in spring as well.

Pests & Weeds

Using both cultural and chemical control, we provide pest management services to keep critters away from your flowers, trees, and grass. We also prevent, control, and eradicate weed growth to give all your plants, grass, and flowers room to flourish during the growing season. Cultural control involves physically pulling weeds or removing pests. Chemical control involves the use of pesticides and herbicides for pest and weed removal, which we only apply as needed and in combination with other conservative, long term control methods.

Grass Cutting

New Generation Landscaping and Maintenance provides grass cutting services for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. Whether you require a simple, quick trim, or specialized lengths and cutting patterns (required for golf course turf management), we have the experience and equipment to meet your needs. We can provide one time services or schedule weekly or monthly grass cutting as needed. Enjoy more of your free time this summer and leave the grass cutting to us.

Shrub & Tree Planting

Our landscapers in Washington provide shrub and tree pruning for both commercial and residential properties. Whether you have one small section that needs to be trimmed, or several shrubs and trees with significant overgrowth, our equipment and efficient techniques can handle any job you have for us.


Edging is a popular maintenance service that involves cleaning up the areas where lawns meet sidewalks or driveways, creating a straight edge for a crisp, neat appearance. This service can be done by our landscaping crew quickly, and we clean up any stray grass blades after each edging job.

Irrigation Systems

Our experts will make sure your irrigation system is functioning optimally for water conservation. We prevent water waste by detecting mainline breaks, valves that need to be replaced, and checking controller wires and backflow prevention devices. We will follow up with any repairs as needed.

Landscaping and Maintenance Services

Landscaping and Maintenance Services
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